Complex Organization of Wedding and Reception

The Complex Organization of Wedding and Reception is a "tailor made" wedding. 

The complex organization of a wedding is the total assistance in all aspects of your special day.

By using Wedding Avenue service, I will help you through out all the necessary steps of organization of your wedding, and during your big day I will be with you to make sure that everything is going according to your plan. Among other things, I will help you with :

  • Formalities associated with marriage,
  • I will propose the best subcontractors , ie . vedding venues , photographer, cameraman , music, wedding decorations , make-up artist , hairdresser , pastry chef and other
  • Together, we will develop the theme of the wedding, according to which we choose wedding stationery (save the date, invitation, vignettes, menu cards, etc. ).
  • I will prepare your approximate budget for the wedding and I will watch over its compliance
  • I will help with choice of menu, I will look after the wedding venue set up
  • and many others...


Outdoor Wedding and Reception

Outdoor wedding is increasingly popular option for young couples. Wedding Avenue Agency helps with organization of such ceremonies by:

  • Reservation of ceremony date
  • Help in searching for an extraordinary place for the wedding ceremony
  • Presentation of the documents necessary to conclude a civil marriage
  • In the case of marriage with a foreigner, assistance in organizing a sworn translator
  • Organization of ceremony decorations
  • Preparation of a proper sound system
  • Help in choosing the music
  • Help in organization of transport for the wedding guests
  • Assistance in preparation of refreshments for wedding guests
  • Organization of the car for the bride and groom
  • Coordination of the ceremony

In the case of an outdoor wedding in, the wedding couples are also considering an outdoor reception. In this case, the event takes place in a tent eg. in the garden. Therefore, the tent needs to be equipped with all the elements that the wedding venue normally has so the  organization of this kind of reception becomes more complicated. The Wedding Avenue agency will help you with organization of such ceremony by:

  • Help in searching for an unusual place for the wedding ceremony and reception
  • Help in decorating the place of the wedding and reception
  • Organization of a tent along with all necessary equipment and furnishing
  • Preparation of a proper sound system
  • Coordination of the ceremony and reception

Coordination of the Wedding Day

If you organized your wedding yourselves, but you would like to experience The Big Day free from organizational stress (whether the cake arrived? Are we sure the decorations will be as we have established?), this service is addressed to you.
By entrusting the agency with the coordination of wedding day and wedding, you are transferring to our hands:
  • Scenario preparation and day schedule - so you can be sure we have everything under control
  • Coordination of all subcontractors employed by you - ensuring that all arrangements are completed
  • Solving all crisis situations - delays, destruction, shortages. If something goes wrong we do our best to save the situation
  • Payments for subcontractors - organist, confectioner, florist - we will settle the bill on your behalf
  • We are the point of contact between the guests and You - we direct how to get to the wedding venue, help in accommodation and other. 

For details please contact us!

Wedding Emergency

Your wedding is approaching fast, and you feel that you are in a complete organization mess? Call us! As part of this service, we take your from planning before the wedding, we will help tie together all the loose ends, we will check if you really have thought of everything, and in the day of the wedding, of course, we will be with you! Wedding stress usually catches up shortly before the wedding, so if you do not want to stress about things related to the organization, this service is addressed to you!

Family Events

As part of our service, we also organize events such as:
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Baptism
  • Communion
  • Parties

Let us accompany you in these exceptional moments and let US worry about the organization - you should only ENJOY them!
For all of you who already takes advantage of our wedding services we offer interesting discounts!
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